Monday, December 3, 2012

Galactical Elder's Perspective On "Ascension And Higher Dimensions"

...In Order For You To Conceptualize A Higher Dimensional Experience, It Is Necessary That You Have Some Overstanding Of The Experience Of It From The Creational Perspective. Holographic Interaction Is Basic To This Overstanding. Current Methodology To Produce This Phenomenon Involves A Beam Of Light Focused Through A Transparency That Produces A Floating Dimensional Replica. In An Existing Holograph (You), Conceive A Thought Of A Desire To Be Reproduced In Like Holographic Mode. This Thought Thinking (You), Focuses By Enlarging This Thought With Details That Further Define The Holographic Desire And Increases The Energy Of The Beam Like Thought With Emotions Of What The Experience Of Enjoying This New Holograph Will Be Like; Therefore Empowering It To Come Into Form.
You Call The Holographic Concept 3D Or Third Dimensional. How Then Is 4th Dimension Different? 3D Encompasses The Conception Of Height, Width And Depth, But Involves No Motion Within The Holograph Of Its Own Volition. (3D Movies Involve Dimensional Glasses. Virtual Reality Is Also A Manipulation.)
The Next Step Into 4th Dimensional Experience Super-Imposes The Living Or Vibratory Dimension Of Action Within The Purview Of The Holograph Itself. A True Holograph Is Projected Through Thought, Not By A Mechanism. Since Thought Has The Power To Act Upon Itself With Further Thought, It Is Self Aware. The Higher Degree Of Self Awareness Implies A Higher Vibratory Rate Or Dimension Of Experience. The Seeds Of One Dimension Are Planted Within The Lesser One.
This Brings You To The Overstanding That You Are Already Aware Of Being Self Aware. However, This Seed Must Be Nurtured And Cultivated In Order To Flower Into Transcending To A Point Of Outgrowing Its Present Placement Through Increasing Its Vibratory Rate, Until It Lifts Itself Into A Dimensional Shift Allowing For Greater Opportunity To Grow Even More Self Aware. What You Are Attempting To Do Is To Cause This Process To Manifest On A Planetary Scale Because Earth's Vibratory Environment Is So Distorted That Individuals Can No Longer Accomplish It. Just As Moses Had To Cross The Red Sea At The Exact Moment Of A Planetary Shift, This Is Timed At The Exact Moment Of A Galactic Shift. How Will You Know? That Is Our Job.
As Usual, You Are Being Reminded That Unless You Create A Plug And Pull It, Some Other Backup Plan Will Be Employed That Will Bypass The Opportunity For Humanity To Cleanup Their Own Act, And Use It As A Stepping Stone For Advancement. We Continue To Stress The Power That You Hold In The Palm Of Your Hands. It Is Such A Gift To Be In The Position Of Assisting This Planet And Its Inhabitants Into A Shift Of Such Major Proportion, And It Carries With It An Opportunity For Literally Jumping Up The Vibratory Scale. We Can Only Bring This Opportunity To Your Attention, And Act In An Advisory Capacity. You Must Be The Ones To Do It. It Is Not The First Time You Have Participated In Similar Roles. This Is The Mission You Have Literally Trained Yourself To Take Part In, So Don't Drop The Ball Now. There Is Nothing More Important In Your Current Realm Of Experience...

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